Multiple Issues With Received Bicycle Order 19405

Multiple Issues with received bicycle. Order19405



I received package for Order 19405. The following issues were detected so far:

1.Product Package:

Doesn't look like new product, more looks like refurbished or taken from showroom.

1.A. The box contained cardboards from different product. See picture [TurnedPackageBox.jpg] to see the box, and pictures [CartonFromOtherProductInMyPackage.jpg] and [CartonFromOtherProductLabelsInMyPackage.jpg].You can clearly see label Miami and I leave in San Diego.

1.B. I ordered new product but some of pieces looks old.

1.B.1.The wrench is sharped as if it was used for long time [VerySharpedWrench.jpg] 1.B.2.Handles are much darker that sit. Easily noticeable on sun but not very on pictures. See handles on pictures [IncosnistentLetherColorLeftLooksOld.jpeg], [IncosnistentLetherColorRightLooksOld.jpeg]vs sit on picture [IncosnistentLetherColorSitLooksNew.jpeg].

1.B.3.The cable of v-break is much older than cable from gear switch. The same color difference like handles vs sit. See picture [OldBreakCabeOnTopNewGearCableOnBottom.jpg]

1.C. When I unpack right pedal from polietilene, I there were no reflector on the pedal. See pictures [MissingReflectorClose.jpg], [MissingReflectorFar.jpg]. The person who packed it know that there is no reflector.

2.Product Option:

The product in package does not match what I ordered:

2.A. I ordered SHIMANO 7-gears but received 3 gear. See pictures [GearSwitchMax3Front.jpeg],[GearSwitchMax3Rear.jpeg]

2.B. The sit that was received was not from “Gold” Package. Springs on the sit must be black not silver. See [SilverInsteadOfBlackSprings.jpg] vs Web site.

2.C. Back lite doesn’t match what is on site but I can accept it.

3.Product Quality

3.A.The front mudguard is painted over the sand. Easy to see and feel pieces of sand. See pictures [SendUndePaintClose.jpeg] and [SendUndePaintFar.jpeg]

3.B.Default setting of v-break does not allow wheel to move. I had to retune it.

3.C.Retuning of V-Break shows that front wheel need to be fixed: After applying break periodical noise from break. The tack on wheel is inconsistent so it maybe wheel and v-brake issue. The spring on right v-break overruns left one even after correction. See pictures [InconsistentTraceOfVBrakeOnLeftClose.jpeg], [InconsistentTraceOfVBrakeOnLeftFar.jpeg]and [TraceOfVBrakeOnRightMissing.jpeg]. There no sign of break on right site. I have to disable break to have ability to test bicycle. So now it looks like on the picture [HowIHaveToUseVBrakeNotToHearNoise.jpeg]     

I believe it is all minor issues, but require professional:

1.    Replace rear hug and gear switch to have 7-gear.

2.    Correct front wheel to make it acceptable for v-breaks

3.    New reflector for right pedal or new right pedal

4.    Replacement  front mudguard

5.    Replace cable (and cover) of v-breaks and tune v-breaks on fixed front wheel

6.    Replace handles to brand new one

7.    Replacement of wrench

I don’t have ability to transport bicycle now, but near me there is bicycle shop and I believe it has service. It is called “UC Cyclery” at address “8715 Villa La Jolla Dr, La Jolla, CA 92037”. I can care bicycle there. If it is not the option, specialist should come to my address.



My wife loves it anyway and wants to by all possible accessories to bicycle. Unfortunately it is dangerous to use it without working v-breaks in our area and uncomfortable without 7 gears.


Thank You,

Kiryl Baryshnikau

Asked 1 year ago on December 13, 2020 11:21 PM Comments 5 times

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    Jonathan replied

    Dear Kiryl,

    Hope you are doing well today. I tried contacting you today to speak further of this situation. If you could please let me know what time works best for you tomorrow to call you. I spoke with the bike shop you sent us but, unfortunately their service department is extremely backed up and they wont be able to assmeble the bike for weeks. So I found another bike store near you & I would like to confirm if sending the bike over there for assembley would be best for you. 

    Best Regards, Thank You. 

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    Kiryl Baryshnikau replied

    I can send you zip arcive so you'll have proper file names.

    I'm going to send it to Vivelo as well with zip archive where you can find all images with right names.


    Thank You,

    Kiryl Baryshnikau

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    Kiryl Baryshnikau replied

    As soon as only 5 images allowed i have to add additional message

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    Kiryl Baryshnikau replied

    As soon as only 5 images allowed i have to add additional message

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    Kiryl Baryshnikau replied

    As soon as only 5 images allowed i have to add additional message

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